Join the Startup Launch Program of emerging business leaders who learning their purpose, calling and values and are anointed as the vessels to fulfil the will of God in this generation.

Discover your calling

Do you want to help build a better future but are unsure of where or how to start?

Start with your purpose.

Why? The world needs more Christians who know their purpose and calling. It is from this identity that the best businesses are founded. 

We believe business leaders that express Christ-centred purpose, leadership and values are anointed as the vessels to fulfil the will of God in this generation.  Discover your purpose and worship God with your work. 

Entrepreneurship foundations will cover planning from idea to opportunity as part of the Startup Launch Program

100% Practical

Our Academy is a one-of-a-kind program and community that combines work experience, mentorship, with practical training.

Once accepted into the Academy, you become a Fellow, a member of our Startup support and mentoring community.

All fellows will also be given hands-on exposure to real-world Startups, while going through a series of learning "Sprints".

Sprints include:
- Faith and Purpose
- Entrepreneurship Foundations
- Idea to Opportunity
- Customer Research
- Design Thinking
- StoryTelling for Entrepreneurs

Your road to
Startup Success

What makes Startup Launch Academy unique? 

  • The program is run by Christian entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs
  • We give all program participants hands-on experience in start-ups
  • We provides access to exclusive venture capital funding, plus a Startup Incubator and Accelerator that helps with
    • Business model creation and business set-up
    • Access to industry, subject matter and technical experts
    • Commercialisation of the business

Make a difference

Gain the skills and practical experience you need to start a business, like Adrian Chen, who co-founded an innovative global business, which makes reusable cups from discarded coffee husks.

“There are many ways to make a difference in business. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if more people understood that a successful business and solving real world problems, especially environmental and social ones, aren’t mutually exclusive?”

Adrian Chen, AC Graduate
Entrepreneur and Co-Founder of Huskee Coffee Cup

The Entrepreneurship program is designed to fit within your lifestyle, and to provide maximum support

Designed to fit within your life

The course is delivered entirely online, so it can be done alongside other commitments in your life.   

Designed for maximum support

You will be supported by a strong network of Mentors who have "done it before".

These mentors will be your advisors and your sounding board.
They will share how they grew their businesses, overcame obstacles, and also open new doors for you - introducing to a broader network of people to help you thrive.

Ethan Entz, Business Graduate and Entrepreneurship Student at Alphacrucis

“Alphacrucis has reframed my thinking around what it takes to start a business, develop ideas, to scale and grow, and to innovate. AC gave me the confidence, mindset and tools to start my business in videography.  I’ve seen my business grow financially and in influence as a result of AC.”

Ethan Entz, AC Business Graduate and Entrepreneurship student

Meet your instructors & mentors

Alex Carpenter, Program Director at Alphacrucis

Alex Carpenter 

Alphacrucis Program Director

Alex has founded 8 businesses in produce wholesaling, hospitality supplies, events promotions, and tourism. He also spent 6 years leading the University of Sydney’s startup community.

Alex is passionate about teaching the skillsets to help people be entrepreneurial and thrive amongst the changes happening in the Australian economy today.  He holds a Bachelor of Managerial Accounting, a Master of Educational Psychology and is doing a PhD in entrepreneurship education.

Naomi Nash, Mentor and Unit Coordinator at Alphacrucis

Naomi Nash

Mentor & Unit Coordinator

Naomi is CEO of New River Leadership and co-author of Rethinking Leadership: Building capacity for positive change.

She has worked with social purpose organisations, schools, executives and individuals, and to explore leadership and innovation.

Naomi has a passion for entrepreneurship and mentoring start-ups and has been granted an Honorary Associate position at the University of Sydney Business school for her work in this space.

Kenneth Cheung, Mentor and Unit Coordinator for Entrepreneurship at Alphacrucis

Ken Cheung

Mentor & Unit Coordinator

Ken is an accomplished Entrepreneur with a demonstrated history of working in successful Early Stage Startups.

Ken is co-founder and CEO of CareerOK, a company that helps International Students move to their new host countries,

He is also a founder of Kuki Tanuki, a highly celebrated and rated inner-city Japanese Diner and Bar in Sydney.


Take that first step towards your calling.
Join our Startup Launch Academy.


About Alphacrucis College (AC)
We are an accredited Australian Institute of Higher Education with 6 campuses throughout Australia and an online school.  We believe in the power of combining a Christian worldview and values with all disciplines and vocations. AC has courses in Business, Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Ministry, Teaching, Social Sciences, Counselling and the Arts. Our undergraduate students gave us a 95.7% score in student satisfaction* and our postgraduate students ranked us 1st in Educational Experience^.

*16% higher than the national average. UG Federal Government’s Quality Indicators for Learning and Teaching 2018.
^Postgraduate Business and Leadership, 2018 QILT Survey.