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Applications for Summer School is now open

Subjects on offer include Introduction to the New and Old Testaments, Christian Worldview, Christian Ethics, Organisational Leadership and Preaching and Public Communication.

Many core counselling and social science subjects are also available such as : Psychology of Emotion and Wellbeing, Principles of Psychology, Human Lifespan Development and Mental Health.

Summer term runs from 22 Nov 2021 to 18 Feb 2022.

Leadership intensives running 17 to 19 Nov 2021.

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"Studying at AC has provided me with the perfect blend of experience and theory, exposed me to different perspectives and helped me to broaden my worldview. There is a sense of intimacy on campus, and online, everyone knows each other and you get to do this journey together".

Thomas Boban
Bachelor of Ministry Graduate

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"Alphacrucis College had people from all denominations and backgrounds and was just an overall amazing experience."

Natalie Means

Bachelor of Theology Graduate


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About Alphacrucis College (AC)
We are an accredited Australian Institute of Higher Education with 6 campuses throughout Australia and an online school.  We believe in the power of combining a Christian worldview and values with all disciplines and vocations. AC has courses in Business, Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Ministry, Teaching, Social Sciences, Counselling and the Arts. Our undergraduate students gave us a 95.7% score in student satisfaction* and our postgraduate students ranked us 1st in Educational Experience^.

*16% higher than the national average. UG Federal Government’s Quality Indicators for Learning and Teaching 2018.
^Postgraduate Business and Leadership, 2018 QILT Survey.